About Us

Where would our community be without our Main Street organization? Main Street’s mission is to maintain, enhance, and promote the downtown as the heart of our community.  Downtown is the heart of the community and the center for government, arts, churches, and financial institutions.  Downtown is an important community space where members of all segments of the community can meet equally for parades, speeches, and other community events.  Downtown can be a tourist attraction and is the location of a community’s unique businesses and buildings.  Main Street Murfreesboro epitomizes the “Richness of Rutherford” and is a key stakeholder in creating Murfreesboro’s unique sense of place. 

For the past thirty-five years Main Street has been instrumental in decisions that affect the downtown district.  From spear heading burying utilities, repairing sidewalks, creating cross-walks, landscaping, beautification, and street lighting to organizing free events such as JazzFest, Friday Night Live concerts, Saturday Market, and the Christmas tree lighting Main Street has been a leader in the revitalization of our historic downtown. 

In fact, much about downtown would be different, less charming, less picturesque and less vibrant without the efforts by Main Street Murfreesboro.

What many don’t realize is that Main Street Murfreesboro is a nonprofit organization, relying on public and private donations for operations and projects. Main Street receives no funding from state or federal programs. Without the generosity of our community and the zeal of our volunteers, Main Street would disappear.

Our organization focuses on the four elements that help define downtown success.

Enhance Design

Enhance the physical appearance of the historic commercial district, giving attention to street fronts, street furniture, land-scaping, signs and parking. Encourage sensitive new construction, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and the inclusion of historic preservation practices in city planning.

Economic Vitality

Strengthen the existing economic base of the historic commercial district while identifying opportunities for new businesses to locate within the district. Find new uses for historic commercial buildings and stimulate investment in property.


Create lasting partnerships and develop a broad consensus among the public sector, private sector, civic groups and individuals that will secure a prosperous future for the historic commercial district.


Market the assets of downtown Murfreesboro to residents and visitors. Organize special events, retail promotions and image campaigns to increase foot traffic in the downtown area.

Main Street is committed to maintaining, enhancing and promoting the historic downtown as the heart of our community. Main Street capitalizes on the unique character of the courthouse square and the surrounding business district with the goal of transforming it into the cultural, social, professional and retail center of Rutherford County.

People consider shopping downtown as “experience shopping,” interacting with fellow shoppers and merchants and supporting community retailers. There’s a connection between customers and the entrepreneurial spirit of downtown businesses, which reflects the character of our community through their unique products, services and atmosphere. Located in historic buildings, these merchants preserve an authentic sense of place.

Affiliated with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Main Street Center, our organization focuses on the four elements that help define downtown success: organization, design, promotion and economic restructuring.

The 2020 Main Street Murfreesboro Annual Report

2020 was certainly a challenge but good organizations face challenges head on and see these challenges as opportunities!

Main Street Murfreesboro is stronger as a result of the COVID-19 obstacles we faced.

Please click here the photo to the right to read our 2020 Annual Report.