Main Street Saturday Market Vendor Agreement Application

The Main Street Saturday Market begins the first Saturday in June (June 6) and ends the last Saturday of September (September 26).

A few rules:

  • The Market opens at 8:00AM and ends at 12 noon each week and is located at County Courthouse on the Public Square.
  • Vendors may begin set-up at 7:00AM
  • All vendors must be set up no later than 7:45AM
  • Vendors may not sell anything before the 8:00AM opening of the market.  Repeated violations will result in the loss of your vendor spot.
  • Vendors wishing to participate in the Main Street Saturday Market must complete an application and be approved for participation.  (Printed applications are available at the Main Street: Murfreesboro/Rutherford County office, 225 West College Street, Murfreesboro, TN  37130 (615) 895-1887, Ext. 2) or click here to download.

Seasonal fees are based on booth/space and are reserved for the vendor each week.  There will be no refunds.  Daily vendors may fill spaces not occupied by seasonal vendors.  A single space may not be shared by two independent growers, farmers, or vendors.

Vendors must reside in Tennessee.  Produce (plants/meat/eggs/honey) must have been grown/produced by the vendor.  Only 25% of a farmer’s inventory may be non-locally grown.  Farmers MAY NOT purchase products from wholesale houses for re-sale.  Misrepresentation of origin is cause for expulsion from the market.  A market representative will visit any farm in question for verification of products grown.

All vendors are required to have professional looking signage, banners, or displays indicating their name.  Signage should include the name of the vendor and name and location of the farm or business.  Each vendor is required to have present at all times their Market Application that has been approved and signed by the Market Staff.

Vendors using their vehicle for means of selling may locate their vehicle near the market site.  All other vendor vehicles must be parked in other downtown parking spaces not located on the outside of the inner circle around the Courthouse.  There is a free covered City garage one block from the market site accessed from either South Church Street or East Vine Street.  No overnight parking in the market site is permitted.  If a vendor arrives less than 15 minutes before the Market opens, they may not bring their vehicles into the Market area.  They must park elsewhere and carry their products to their vending space.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Weights, and Measures is responsible for inspecting and permitting all scales that will be used to make sales.  This applies to produce that is sold by weight at farmer’s markets.  Only scales that are “legal for trade” can be permitted.  Most modern scales are affixed with labels indicating that fact.  All vendors who sell produce by weight must use scales that are inspected and permitted by TDA.  The Market manager will be responsible for scheduling a time for inspection and permitting of scales with the TDA prior to opening day of the market.

The following items may be offered for sale at the market: fruits, vegetables, farm-fresh eggs, plants, herbs, cut flowers, honey, baked goods, and meats.  Other suggested items will be considered and approved or denied by the Market manager.  All prepared foods must be sold in compliance the TN Dept. of Agriculture and Health Dept. regulations.  All prepared foods must be made in a certified kitchen.  All vendors are required to obtain and display the correct permits required from TDA or the Department of Health for the products they sell.  Copies of permits must be presented to the Main Street Saturday Market when your application is approved.

Vendors who provide samples of produce or food products to consumers should first contact the Tennessee Department of Health for information on guidelines for product sampling.  Sampling includes the slicing of fresh produce and offering these slices to customers free of charge.

Sales must be in an orderly and business-like fashion.  Vendor booths must be kept clean and neat.  All fruits and vegetables must be displayed off the ground on tables, in baskets or open-bed vehicles.  Tables, scales, bags, boards/shelves, baskets, signs, containers, money for change and chairs must be provided by each vendor.  All equipment, products and containers must stay within the lines of the booth space and cannot extend beyond the end of the lines in order to provide adequate space for customers.  Electricity is not available for use by vendors. Vendors are requested to help maintain a safe, accessible environment for all customers.

All vendor items; signs, displays, property, and product must be taken at the close of each market. Vendor space must be cleaned before leaving the market each week.  Nothing can be left behind. All trash must be taken with you and cannot be left on the ground besides the trash cans.  Any violations will result in a $50.00 cleaning fee.

Vendors are encouraged to maintain competitive pricing.  Intentional price undercutting is discouraged and using the market to sell-off excess product at extremely low prices is not allowed.  Vendors must clearly mark the price of all products. Complaints are to be reported to the Market manager or Market Representative.

Inappropriate conduct or language towards other vendors, customers, or management of the Main Street Saturday Market will  be grounds for immediate dismissal from the market.  Shouting, hawking, and other loud and objectionable tactics or solicitations are not allowed.  Profanity and loud radios are not allowed. Vendors who are found to be in non-compliance of any of the above guidelines will:

First – receive a warning from the Market manager
Second – be asked to leave the market.

and/or complaints regarding the guidelines should be discussed with the Market