Main Street Murfreesboro’s second annual “Scarecrows Downtown” contest is open to all artists, young and old.  Each artist may only enter one time.  There is no charge for participating but each participant must submit a registration form by the deadline (September 17) to Sarah Callender at sarah@downtownmurfreesboro.com.  Businesses wanting to participate downtown will be randomly assigned to an artist for display of their scarecrow.

Making your scarecrow:

Themes: Use your imagination to select a theme for your scarecrow. The scarecrow contest is family friendly. Scarecrows should be whimsical, humorous, mischievous, traditional, or lovable – NOT frightening. Monsters, gruesome, bloody or especially scary entries will be disqualified. All scarecrows must be in good taste and not reflect controversial, social or political situations and appropriate for viewing by the public.  Any scarecrow deemed inappropriate or in bad taste by Main Street or the business you are partnered with will not be displayed. 

Ideas: Typical Farm & Garden Scarecrow made from cast-off clothing, burlap, gunny sacks, jeans, overalls, straw hats, bonnets, corn shocks, raffia straw, etc.  Whimsical, Fairytale, Humorous, Fantasy, Celebrity, etc.  Design depicting your favorite fairytale, storybook, animal, or fantasy figure. Theme depicted around the business you are partnered with (bakery, restaurant, boutique, law office, etc.).  School themed scarecrows supporting sports, band, majors, concentrations or just school spirit are great for students or parents.

Construction:  All entries must be hand-made and constructed from recyclable material. Scarecrows must be durable and able to stand up to sun, wind, and rain showers (they may be placed outside the door of the business). Talk to your assigned business about ideas and if you both choose to keep the scarecrow inside the business.  If you choose to use fresh vegetables or fruits (like pumpkins) they must be whole and not punctured or carved, to ensure they last through the duration of the contest. All entries must be handmade.  No commercial costumes, rubber masks, plastic masks etc. will be allowed. In case of scarecrows/parts of scarecrow becoming lost or damaged do not put anything on the scarecrow that is highly valued or of great importance.  All parts of the scarecrow should be securely fastened.  You assume all responsibility for your scarecrow and its pieces.  We reserve the right to remove any entries that do not maintain their ability to be displayed.  Make them bright and use interesting materials. Minimum height is four feet and maximum height is six feet. Talk to the business owner you are assigned with first to see where they want to place it when determining size and materials (and if it will be moved by business owner throughout the month).  Plan to visit your scarecrow throughout the month to make sure it is in good presentable condition.


Each Scarecrow will be numbered and have the name of the artist on a place card attached to the scarecrow for voting purposes.

People’s Choice – Take a picture of your favorite scarecrow downtown and post it on Instagram or Facebook – make sure to use the #mainstreetscarecrow!  The scarecrow with the most posts wins $25!  Each person who posts using the hashtag goes into a drawing for one drawing with a $25 prize too.

Judge’s Choice – 1st place $100, 2nd place $75, 3rd place $50.  Judges chosen by Main Street Murfreesboro will be from outside of Rutherford County.  Monetary prizes given to artists from Main Street Murfreesboro after announcements made on October 31.  Judging based on creativity, use of recycled materials, and theme. Judging will take place during the month of October.

Dates to Remember:

Registration submitted: Applications need to be submitted by Friday, September 17.  When registration is received, we will email you the name of the business you will be partnered with.  It is your job to reach out to the business owner and discuss your ideas and find out placement location at their store. 

Scarecrow delivered to business:  Week of September 27-October 2.  Scarecrows will stay displayed throughout October.

Scarecrow winners revealed: Saturday, October 30 winner’s pictures & business hosting the scarecrow will be posted.  Winners will be tagged on Facebook if able.

Scarecrow pick-up:  Week of November 1 pick-up from business.

Please click to download the 2021 Scarecrow Contest Entry Form